Auto-Play At Ladbroke’s And Claim Your Bonus

Do you like the idea of winning? Do you like the idea of making money? If you sign up and deposit £100 at Ladbrokes casino, then play £400 worth of bets (automatically), you can claim a £100 bonus. Once you have claimed your bonus you will need to wager another £400 worth of bets to meet the wagering requirement.

Ladbrokes have a low rollover compared to other casinos and the beauty of this bonus is that you can use their Auto-Play facility. This lets you play automatically using a perfect blackjack strategy. You can go shopping or watch the football and come back to see the results.

Nothing is risk free of course, however by using the perfect blackjack system you reduce the houses edge to just 3%. In theory, you should return £97 for every £100 invested. Invest £400 to receive your £100 bonus. You may have lost £12 (£3 per £100) but you are gaining £100.

Once you have received your £100 bonus, you need to invest a further £400 worth of bets. Again, you may lose £12 but the end result is that from your initial deposit of £100, you have lost £24 (2 x £12) but gained £100 leaving a neat £176 in your account. Where else can you make 76% profit in a couple of hours.

There are terms and conditions to meet so I suggest you read them before jumping in. I have however mentioned most of them. One other condition you must meet is for your initial deposit. In the initial round of betting, you must bet 10% of your opening deposit. For £100, this would mean a bet of £10. Once you have completed that first round of £400, you can drop back to playing whichever value suits you, even £1.